Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pipe to nowhere

Hard to believe it's been three years since I posted anything. 

yeah, I suck.

Now I have something.  A watch-out for anyone with a second floor laundry.

See the pipe?  The one sticking out of my first floor and ending into the oblivion directly above the I-beam in the basement?
yeah, turns out that goes to the second floor washing machine tray.  So, I guess in Ryan's mind, if my washer has a leak, it will be fine to discharge onto a 2x4 covered I-Beam.  That way it makes a bigger mess. 

I'm no house builder, or even a licensed house inspector, but I have to believe this should be hooked to a main drain...right!?

And since we are talking about the washing machine tub, mine had a loose pipe that was supposed to magically direct water into the pipe (that ends above my I-Beam).  Turns out, it's not so magical, as once I lifted the tray out, I found water underneath...and NOT through the magical loose pipe and into the pipe that ends in oblivion. 
Now if you buy a new tray from Home Depot, it comes with a the proper plumbing fitting with gasket.  I know, as I bought one last night to replace the magical pipe Ryan left me.
And why did I have to buy a new tray JUST to get the proper plumbing fitting...because my beloved Home Depot didn't sell just the plumbing parts.  Quick tip, Water heater trays are $10 with the same fitting as the $30 washing machine trays. 

So folks, you may want to understand where exactly your upper floor laundry room washing machine tray dumps to. 

See ya in three years. 

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  1. Shocking, but not surprising.

    My cousin had a leak under her shower in the master because Ryan used screws too long and screwed into her pipes. I think we now have a similar issue under our master bath because I see a water issue in the kitchen ceiling. I guess I get to deal with it - and bear the total expense because insurance doesn't cover this type of thing.