Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's not the size of your deck that matters, but what you do with it.

And today, I sealed mine.
Today was the first weekend with no rain for two weeks.  Not sure I really wanted to seal my deck on a holiday weekend, but what the hell.  I have vowed to keep this deck in great shape and it starts now.
What did I use?
"Natural Cedar"
I did a bunch of research trying to find the right stuff.  This stuff looked to fit the bill.  I could bore you with reasons but turns out you can do a quick search on the "best deck seal/stain" and get more confusing opinions then you can handle.  It seems asking this question is like asking what political party is best, ford vs chevy, oil changes 3k or 5k,  Bud lite vs Miller lite, etc...
After enough open minded research, Ready Seal shined through.
My wife and son came out and helped and what help they were!  They probably saved me a couple hours.
For those that wonder, I used every last drop of two gallons.  I have a 14'x12' deck about 10' off the ground.  If it wasn't for all those damned stairs, I would have had plenty.  As it stands, I still need to seal 2 sides of the 6"x6" support posts and the joists below.  But all the verticals and horizontals that matter are covered.

start 'em young

Always happy to help.  He's a great kid.

Somebody wanted to come out and help too.


Almost done and still smiling.

another "done" pic.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Scheduling Service Online

I recently read about someone knowing someone who heard of someone who had issues with getting repairs made through Ryan's online service request.
There's the link if you need it.

I figured I should post my date.
On Monday, I submitted a service request for a broken drain pipe a few feet from the gutter down spout.  It appears like final grade broke it and they just covered with seed/hay roll...nice coverup jackholes.  I also put in a request to check out a hairline crack on the front porch that developed weeks after pour.  Both issues were brought to my PM's attention.  I received no response from him.  Sooooo, I decided to check out the online service request since I am officially past my 90 day mark.

I received a call on Tuesday that both issues were already visited and checked out.  I was further told that the pipe repair will happen quickly and the crack will be inspected by someone who can make a better assessment.  Wednesday after work, I found the pipe already repaired.  Still waiting on word about the crack. 

At this point, I have a favorable opinion on their quickness to handle issues submitted.  I just put in a service request asking about the exposed water proofing that my PM has not addressed either, so we will see how that goes.

Stay tuned

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Front Pics, 3 months later

I realized after cutting my grass for the second time Monday that I have yet to post a picture of the front WITH grass.  I took these this morning at 0600-ish.  I still need the final "finished" pic for my 4pic project.  Unfortunately none of these will work.  Hazy morning light and slightly blurry are my reasons.  BUT, they work great to chronicle the overall progress.

a little photoshop eradicated the electric cluster from this pic

you would never know I photoshopped out the trunk of my car and the hose in the drive way from this shot.  Thank you Adobe for allowing me to be anal.

And just because I want to, a picture of my boy Ryan with Lily.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rock'n Harley

For those that think I am handy, I pale in comparison to what my father can produce.  This is his third run at a rocking harley.  My son received the second back in '07 and currently resides in my living room like a piece of furniture (that needs dusted!).
Absolutely awesome.
pic is a tad blurry, which proves he is better with wood than a camera.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look, Sgt Rich built some more shelves! who knew!?

I know, I know, more shelves.
A quick back story.  I lived in my last house for 12 years and suffered from a severe lack of storage and shelf space.  My little one car, 7' ceiling garage looked like one of those storage sheds from Storage Wars.  So now, with all this room I want space to keep it all organized and off the floor.
So on to my new shelf unit.  I wanted something beyond the "slapping 2x4's together" shelves I have built so far (minus the picture shelves, those are nice)
So behold....
I should have taken the pic before, but I had some bags of grass seed, some recycling bins, and misc. crap leaning in the corner.  We also have some dog leashes that need a place to hang by the door.

I wanted something that didn't make contact with the cement floor.  Ease of cleaning and lack of rotting over time were my reasons.  So I lagged a 2x3 built "wall" with 1/4 lag screws to a stud and sandwiched it with 1/4 hardwood

The finished look.  I built it with 2x3's, 1x4 #2 pine for the trim, and 1/2 MDF for the shelves.    I have become a huge fan of Spax screws (found at Home Depot).  I used 2.5" #8 screws on everything.  

I started throwing some crap on there quickly before having to leave for Ryan's Baseball game.  The recycling bins fit under perfectly.  The wife is looking forward to storing extra cases of drinks, water, food, etc... on shelf 2&3.  The drinks were being stored on the floor to the left of the door.  Now maybe I can dig out my work bench on the right side of the garage.

I kept it at 48" wide giving me room to hang some hooks giving us a nice place for jackets, leashes, and whatever else you may want to keep next to a high traffic door.

And this one I built without any plans.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hang'n in the Garage

you heard right.  For those that don't know, us Cincinnati folks play a game called Cornhole.  I could explain it or you could google it.
There are two 2'x4' cornhole boards per set and I have two sets.  At my last house, they have lived on the garage floor leaning against the wall, or garbage can, or table, or whatever else I had jammed in that little garage.  NOT ANY MORE!

I went with the French Cleat to secure the boards to the wall.  Since the boards are 2' wide, I was able to buy just ONE 1x6x8', rip it down the middle with the 45 degree cut.

The other half was cut to size and screwed to the back of the boards.

our "office" is the last room that has yet to be unpacked.  At my wife's request, I built another shelf unit.  This one cost me $20.   I bought 8 2x4's and the rest was scraped from the dumpster with the new house built down the street.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I AM the big dog on the porch

the old saying, "if you can't run with the big dogs, get back on the porch"
Well with thunder storms blowing through this week, I have spent some time on my porch.
My house faces East.  Most storms blow in from the West.  Which means that my covered front porch stays dry even through the bigger storms.  Tonight was no different.  It was straight pouring, lightening, thunder, and there I was...hanging out on the covered front porch taking it in.
We almost built two times before and both times I started with the covered front porch elevations in what ever house plan we picked.  AND it was always the first to go because of cost.  When we landed with Ryan on this lot, we were forced into this elevation as there were two other Ravenna's around me.  I am glad they didn't give me a chance to be cheap.
I think the Pizza guy is glad too.