Friday, May 25, 2012

Scheduling Service Online

I recently read about someone knowing someone who heard of someone who had issues with getting repairs made through Ryan's online service request.
There's the link if you need it.

I figured I should post my date.
On Monday, I submitted a service request for a broken drain pipe a few feet from the gutter down spout.  It appears like final grade broke it and they just covered with seed/hay roll...nice coverup jackholes.  I also put in a request to check out a hairline crack on the front porch that developed weeks after pour.  Both issues were brought to my PM's attention.  I received no response from him.  Sooooo, I decided to check out the online service request since I am officially past my 90 day mark.

I received a call on Tuesday that both issues were already visited and checked out.  I was further told that the pipe repair will happen quickly and the crack will be inspected by someone who can make a better assessment.  Wednesday after work, I found the pipe already repaired.  Still waiting on word about the crack. 

At this point, I have a favorable opinion on their quickness to handle issues submitted.  I just put in a service request asking about the exposed water proofing that my PM has not addressed either, so we will see how that goes.

Stay tuned


  1. Glad to hear that someone responded so quickly to check on your issues....I did notice in your pics that the waterproof blanket was exposed and I dont think that it should be...good call on reporting that.

  2. That is good that they are responsive on the things that you submitted through the site. Thanks for sharing that because I was wondering how well that would work. Have you thought about submitting your outside electrical outlet to be corrected?

    1. My current plan is to decide what deserves immediate service claims submitted versus what can be put on the 10month. My current plan is to put that on the 10 month list.

    2. That sounds like a good plan.

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