Friday, April 4, 2014

Closet and Screen Door - I's been a while.

Holy crap it's been a long time! 
I have been knocking out some projects lately and thought I would share.

First, my closet.....

First photo is the finished shot

What we have here is Maple plywood finished with Amber Shellac and trimmed with "select" pine covered with an expresso stain.  I planned to use maple for the face frame but the expresso is dark and didn't want to "waste" good maple by covering it up.  The rods are 1.375" Poplar stained with the same Expresso finish.

Next, the boss's screen door.
This was the jacked up screen door the owner of my company brought to me to fix or replace.  I replaced.

Here, we have a cedar door with removable screens.
I lapped the joints (except the center style, I used wood dowels for that) and pinned them with 1/2" Oak dowels.  Then I finished the whole thing with a couple coats of teak oil.
The owner comes back from vaca Monday.  I know he is happy with it, let's see what his wife thinks.

I am getting started on some custom picture/art frames so stay tuned my friends.

that is all, carry on.


  1. Your closet looks awesome. How did you attached the shelves to the wall? Can't wait to see your frames. One of my next projects is going to be a custom frame for a giant map in our study, but I can't decide exactly how I want to do it.

    1. Collette,
      I used french cleats with a mixture of screws in studs AND heavy duty wall anchors.

      I have three posters/art to build frames for, I am going to try different designs and see what I like.

  2. I agree - I also like your closet system. Just out of curiosity, did you build the cubes from scratch or were those purchased already built? This looks like a relatively easy closet transition... if only I had the time to be handy!

    1. Brandon,
      I built the shelving units. They are lengths of Maply Ply with dado'd slots for the shelves. Once glued together and stained, I attached the pocket hole screwed face frame with glue.

  3. The closet looks great! Love the screen door too... so much nicer than the other door.

  4. Great craftsmanship across the board! Our master closet keeps getting pushed further and further down the list since its not a space anyone sees :) One day

    1. I think I said this before, but this all happened because my wife wanted a shoe rack. You know what she still doesn't have? a shoe rack. haha

  5. Okay a whole closet AND a screen door??? Really??? I mean really!!! Please let me know when you get your HGTV series!
    Im so jealous of your closet! It's perfect! wish I knew someone to build one like that rather then pay Lowes both arms and legs! And by the way, my storm door was made and installed by them also!
    You sure you don't want to come to sc just to visit? lol jk Nice work!

  6. Damn, you guys ARE handy. My hubby would appreciate your style, he's pretty handy too. We are building a ryan this year and I look forward to putting his skills to work. Hope you're still loving the house!