Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Miter Saw station part 1

I so often show my projects at home.  I figured I would show one from work.  I am responsible for the (wood) shop at work.  For three years now, I have been using my Dewalt sliding compound miter saw on a collapsible Dewalt miter stand.  These stands work in a pinch, but I have a strong dislike for an everyday use. 
With some un-used metal cabinets, left over melamine and birch ply, and some purchased Poplar (Trim&Fence), I put this together.

I am not finished yet.  I decided to use the left 50" cabinet as a router table as well.  Last night I purchased T-Track that I will route and install in the table top.  This will allow my saw and left fence to move forward and backword with a quick release lever.  I will also have a piece that runs the length of the cabinet for add-on like feather boards, guides, etc....

When finished, I will have a highly useable miter station/router table for a fraction of the cost.

When this is done at work, I will have to start on one similar for home!

that is all
carry on