Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Custom Built Art Frames

well if you haven't deleted me from you list yet, then you will get to see my latest project.

I have a new respect for the cost of framed art work.
several months this has been in the making. First with finding the outstanding “handtools” poster (
and then touring Antique Archeology in Nashville (you know, the Mike guy who is on “American Pickers”) and finding a print of the ‘48 Harley KnuckleHead engine Mike picked.
First I’m a pretty lucky guy to have a wife that thinks a harley engine and a hand tools poster hanging in her house is a good idea!
The hand tools frame is Walnut with a Maple inlay and Maple corner splines. I finished it with several coats of BLO and then paste waxed over that. A great friend Steve Brown hooked me up on the glass, and Hobby Lobby did the matting.
The knucklehead frame is Oak. Actually, they are Oak stair treads ripped down to size! Even though no one can see them, I double pinned the corners with Oak dowels. Finished with two coats General Finishes Expresso and wipe on Poly.
First time out, I like ‘em. Now I just have to hang ‘em.