Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gett'n some grass!

So my PM emailed me this last week.
He has ordered the morning room screen door (torn when they were figuring out the leak)
He has ordered the kitchen corner cabinet (cracked)
Once it all comes in, he will set everyone up for one more trip through the house, making some small fixes that we continue to discover.
Also, there are three winter closed houses in my 'hood that will be getting a "final grade" Monday and/or Tuesday with Sod/Seed wed/thurs/fri.  So it appears I will be mowing soon.
While I have enjoyed not having to mow the last few weeks, I am glad it will be coming in early in the season with plenty of rainy spring to help it take hold and grow.

I will have to take a picture for full understanding, but I made a funny discovery yesterday.  Understand that the yard slopes down starting at the right end of the porch and drops from there.  I was walking my pups back from the empty lot (aka "my dog's shitt'n spot") and notice something on the right side of the house.  My mind tells me I know what it is, but the height has me second guessing.  So on closer inspection, my suspicions are proved correct.  They installed an electric outlet box on the right side of the house.  That's great.....except it's 10 feet off the ground!  haha.  I need a ladder to access the outlets.  Oh well, I suppose I will use it to plug an electric dog fence in.  I should mention the hose bib on the left side of the house is about 5-6 feet off the ground.
What's the lesson here?  When your PM says things are at the installers discretion, you may want to hammer down a specific understanding of WHERE is "discretion" is.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I put my Hoe in it's place!

Garden Hoe!  hahahaha

So as I walk up and down the street, peering into my neighbors garages I notice many have yard tools lining one (or more) walls.  I don't want that, especially since I only use a few tools the majority of the time.  So I found this idea and executed on it.  It works great.  When I add more tools, I will add some hooks to keep them from accidentally falling out of their slot.  Additions will be some hooks screwed to the back to hang extension cords.  If I need it, I will make another....but that will be a while.
It was so nice to get this stuff off the floor and hanging.

The back and supports are 2x6's I snagged from the new house dumpster.  The slotted top is 3/4 MDF scavenged from the pallet I used for the "pallet rack" I built a month back.  So this rack was free!  I lagged it to studs with .25 3.5" lag screws

Just discovered while making my kids pancakes Sunday morning.  The bottom corner cabinet is splitting from the top.  Already emailed the PM.  He ordered a new door today.

I may have to frame this last pic.  A man, his beer and knife flipping burgers on his grill in front of his new house.

A few other thoughts.
I am amazed at little discrepancies I find here and there.  It doesn't bother me as my PM is great at taking care of stuff as it gets discovered.  Sunday I found the base molding on the far wall of the Morning Room missing caulk corner to corner.  How have I not seen that?  Last week we closed the master closet for the first time and found it binds so bad it barely closes.  Again, this weekend I discovered the kick plate under the cabinet next to the fridge was floppy loose.
There are a few other little things.  I am not saying that any of this bothers me.  I find humor and/or amazement that I have been in over two months and never noticed some of this stuff.  It just further emphasizes my belief that so many things can fade into the grey noise of our life.
So I emailed my PM asking what can be done under his control versus what should go on a "10 month" list.  His reply was that he will knock it out.  nice!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm Hung

So the Ravenna comes with an "office".  For now, it's the only room with unpacked boxes.  Mostly pictures.  I found a nice idea on for picture shelves.  Very simple yet very cool.  I like the idea that we can add, rearrange, remove, etc... without re-designing the "picture wall".  So I set out to build a set of 48" shelves.  We (I) painted them a Sherwin Williams "Batik Blue" which is very nice next to the "whole wheat" Ryan painted the house.  Three screws each into some studs on the foyer wall, add photos, and enjoy.
These are called "$10 Shelf" because that's how much the wood cost.  I used a nicer "select" pine for the back and front lip and a lower grade for the bottom.  Still came to $10 each.
Hung and ready for pictures

With pictures.  The great thing...we have already added and removed since this pic was!

A close up for your entertainment.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Round 2, Front Load washing machine shakes VS big ugly Marine

So the good fight continues. 
I have had a couple people tell me their PM has "never heard of the house shaking" due to high speed spin cycles of washing machines.  My question to you is.....would you tell your PM your house shakes from YOUR washer?  I wouldn't, they may try to use that against me if something wrong in the house popped up.  Just google it and you will find this is not a small concern.  Many deal with it.  My neighbors, in fact, said they have the same issue. 
Soooooo, what's the details.  
I have a 6 year old LG Tromm, Front Loaders on factory pedestals
Last post had me putting the washer on anti-vibe feet found at Home Depot with some improvement
Sunday, we took the Washer off the pedestal, on the anti-vibe feet and had HUGE improvement.
The windows no longer shake.  There is still some shake still felt.  I plan to get a swimming noodle, cut to fit, and shove between washer and wall/dryer. 
I am keeping the dryer on the pedestal.  no reason except maybe laziness

My new burst proof, anti leak, braided lines.  Having seen a certain someone's flooded house recently, and Tammi's mention that hoses should be replaced every 6 years had me motivated to replace them.
One more note.  I'm not sure if all the washing machine adjustments caused it or if it was never sealed but I found the collar that goes through the hole in the washing tub and into the drain pipe loose.  Which means water would leak under the collar and in the house instead of down the pipe.  So I pulled it up, applied a thick gob of adhesive caulk and reset the drain collar.  So now water will go DOWN the pipe. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Just finished building my new Miter Saw bench.
Total length is 8' long with 22" to the right of the saw.  Built out of a sheet of 3/8" BC Sanded Ply, a stick of 1x4, and two 2x4's.  I may upgrade with pull out trays so I don't find scraps hiding in the back of the "cubby's"

You can see what I did here.  Sandwiched the 1x4's (dividers) between the ply and screwed 2x4 "runners" to the bottom. 

I screwed a strip of ply to the back.  This design allows me to move the bench/saw to the garage in nice weather, basement in cold weather, and/or a friend's house if need be.  Have sawhorses, will travel.

Once it was all screwed together, I ran the router along the edges to soften it a bit and then sanded the top.  I plan to throw a coat of poly for shit's and giggles when I do the bench top.
Now that I have a bench and miter bench, time to make the picture shelves I promised the wife.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dumpster Diving, and proud of it!

I built in a neighborhood that is .... about done.  There is one house that just started getting framed Tuesday with one lot left to sell.  Both just two doors down from me.  At least I get to enjoy watching at least one, maybe two get built.  The fun to follow along when there is no emotional attachment. 
So with two days of framing down, the dumpster had some nice finds.  I carried home four pieces of OSB board.  All good sizes (2'x4' or larger) to build another shelf in the basement.  Tonight, I hope to find some 2x4's they used for bracing.  If I get lucky, maybe I can build another shelf and not cost a dime!
So yeah, I dug in the dumpster....don't judge!