Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Great State of PA (even if their football fans are jackholes)

So I have spent the last 7 days on a Harley touring around Pennsylvania with a few other great friends. I have perused enough blogs to know that many of you are building in Pennsylvania.  My cousin lives just North-East of Pittsburgh.  I rode up Friday night and spent the night at her place.  We visited a local pub where I caught (and gave) a fair amount of shit (the curse of a Bengal's fan).
From there I toured up through Debois and found hwy666 (for the hell of it).  We rented a little house in Aaronsburg, making that our "home base".  We visited Gettysburg for a great burger at the "Blue and Grey" and spent some time at the battlefield.  We toured the Harley factory in York and then made another trip back to Gettysburg for another burger.
Dodging horse poop turned out to be a sport as we meandered up and down the roads.
It was a great trip even if we lacked the time and gas to get everywhere we wanted to go.  For you PA natives, you have a beautiful state....even given the fact the Shitsburg fans are Jackholes.  haha.


  1. ROFL. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Certainly not an easy road to be a Bengals fan. Condolences from all us jackholes in shitsburg. ;)

  2. Glad you enjoyed our state Sgt. Rich. Do you know what they say in Pittsburgh about Cinci?? The Steelers say that playing in Cinci is just like playing at Heinz Field...just another home game....LOL....On a serious note glad you had a great visit. Gettysburg is a great place to visit