Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I will start by apologizing.  I still need to get some pics posted.
Most will remember I posted about meeting with my PM about landscapping issues.
Here's what was done:
-Offered to cut out exposed waterproofing.  It would leave a small tar line on the foundation.  The waterproofing is warranted for 20 years and will not degrade in the sun.  We chose to leave it alone.  I will plant some vegetation of some sort.
-added dirt to the left side of the house countering the "hump" I was dealing with.  Reseeded and threw down loose hay (loose hay is my request, I didn't want more of that hayroll shit)
-removed the silt snakes along the back.  In doing so, moved the "grass line" back several feet increasing the grass lawn part of the lot.  (my wife was happy about that.  I have to mow more grass now, booo)
-cut back drain pipe.  added some more dirt.  reseeded and threw loose hay down.
-offered to build a mulch bed on right front corner of porch (severe slope).  I declined as I plan to build a nice stone planter.

I still have a decent slope on the back and right side.  There is not really anything that can be done aside from building stone retaining walls.  I can whine and complain all I want, but the fact remains the house had to be built several feet up.  As my PM politely put it, "you have a point A (top of slope) and a point B(bottom), there is only so many ways to get there...but you have to get there."

so, let this be a good lesson to actively ask questions and fully understand what is going to be accomplished.

Overall, I am happy with what my PM did.  He has improved my satisfaction with the back yard.  I still dislike the slopes, but I working on non-mowable solutions.

One more thing to add, while standing in the front yard yapping with the PM after we walked around the house, I discovered a bedroom window with a single crack.  My PM verified it was not something a kid could cause and said it was likely a small crack on the edge at the factory and spread later.  At his request, I put in a service request online and it was replaced in less then a week.  More kudos for Ryan's online service.  


  1. Did you say anything about the outdoor outlet that's super high?

    1. I forgot to post that. I don't think he saw my previous text a months ago pointing that out. When he saw it, his response was "that actually pisses me off a bit".
      He said the 10month is a good time to deal with that. They will likely just install a new one lower (within reach). Which is fine with me, I don't want them leaving a patched hole in the siding.

  2. Glad that he is working with you on those things. Also glad that he was reasonable about that outlet too! Now you can use that higher one for an outside light or something :-)

  3. Ugh... I am glad I am not the only one dealing with slope issues. All my neighbors are going to have relatively flat yards and mine will be mostly downhill into a drainage ditch. I still need to talk to the PM to see if we can do something to make it "not so drastic".