Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No firepit, no worries

Of course, I plan to get a firepit before the temps start dropping for evenings in the driveway.  Until then, what to do.  With my niece and nephew visiting and a personal desire to impress them in my imagined awesomeness, I decided we should do smore's.  What to do?  Pinterest saves the day. 
Did you know you can toast marshmallows (or kebobs for that matter) over a 10" terracotta pot lined with foil and filled with charcoal briquettes?

you can.  and it works great. 


  1. Pinterest makes us the coolest!

  2. You can find tons of cool things like that on Pinterest! Enjoy the s'mores!

  3. wow... did not know that but what a great idea!!! Bet that would be great for traveling too....

    jennel & Andrew

  4. Oooooo.....Pinterest is AWESOME! In my mind I plan to try ALL of the things I "pin" :)