Thursday, September 6, 2012

Curtain Rods

I love that industrial feel to interior decorations.  My wife on the other hand needs to be sold a bit.  Luckily, in this case I was a good sales person.
My wife wanted a curtain in his room to replace the dimensional blind we put up initially.  Having picked out a grey curtain, I pushed for a "different" kind of curtain rod. 
I like it and now I will make some basic shelves using pipe for the brackets.  Pictures to follow.

Not the greatest pics, but you get it.  What you don't see is the pipe "pull-back" on the side that allows my son to pull the curtain to the right side. 


  1. These are awesome!! I love the look! I recently saw an entire work desk made from pipes on a design looked really nice. Who knew...

    jennel & Andrew

  2. This is actually a popular thing to do right now. You're on trend!

  3. I have the same pipe rods on some of my current windows.