Friday, September 21, 2012

Updates and Changes

Well folks,
I'm still here.  I wish I could blog more, but I have to build stuff or have stuff happen to make it interesting for you to read.
First let me start by passing on a tip for purchases.  We are horrible with keeping track of receipts.  The Morning Room fan has been an issue for months.  The light turns off after about 15mins of use.  That's no good AND we could not find any of the receipts for stuff we bought at move in (but I did write the purchase date on the manual).  Luckily, Lowe's helped me out by exchanging out the parts.  So last night I got it taken care of and we are good to go.
What about the tip you say?  If you are like us and never lose a manual but horrible with receipt, staple the receipt to the manual. 

We chose a darker brown carpet through out the house minus the Living room and "office".  So in the Family room, we moved in with a darker brown couch and two lazyboy chairs.  It looked very un-colorful.  Brown Blah.
So rather then replacing furniture at higher costs, we chose to "decorate".
We chose Sherwin Williams "Peppery" for the fireplace wall.  Hobby Lobby had 50% metal, hence the designs hanging.  Also added some flowers on the fire place hearth.  Replaced brown couch pillows with color.  Moved a lazy boy into the Master BR and moved a Paong chair in it's place. 

Took the brown dimensional blinds down and put up curtains with pull backs.

We are very happy with the results.  I have a late 1960's AstroTuner console I am refinishing/updating to use for the TV in the Family room.  Then I will take the Ikea table it currently sits on, add a wood top and use it as a coffee table.

The Change
My daughter has moved home.  We put her in the "game room" (first door top of stairs for you Ravenna owners).  We moved the "game room" down to the "office".  We like the change.  The game room being just inside from the garage means the neighborhood kids will no longer trample up and down the stairs dragging their dirty hands on my walls.

Next up, Kitchen back splash and corner shelves.  Stay tuned


  1. Looking good and great tip! I throw receipts in a drawer then after awhile get mad because the drawer is a mess and throw everything out. Stapling the receipt to the manual is a much better approach. Looking forward to the back splash posts...

  2. The house is looking good.

    Here's another tip for Lowe's... if you get their "My Lowes" card (it's free and it's NOT a credit card) you can view your purchase history with them online. I was told it stores all of your receipts online, you can create a wish list, you can enter room dimensions, paint colors, etc. so that you always have them with you or have access to them anytime.

    1. M,
      That is a good idea and something we have considered. The problem I had in my last house was not recording what brand/color paint bought from where, went in what room? So I would have to first remember what store I bought the paint in. In this house, I put up a dry erase board in the basement. On it, I record brand/paint code, frequency of furnace filter change and when, dates for draining gallon of hot water heater water, etc...
      this could be done better with a simple floor plan print and write in which room goes what brand/color.

    2. I was going to say the same thing! We got the my lowes card as soon as we started purchasing things for the house. Now even if my unorganized self loses something, lowes knows ;)

  3. Thanks for posting your updates Rich! We are having LOTS of trouble with family room decorations and seeing that it can be done is an inspiration!

    I'm going to go you one step further on the receipt. Definitely staple the receipt to the manual, but THEN you can put the manual in a ziplock bag and duct tape it to the back of whatever shelf its on, or inside a cabinet etc. I had my furnace instructions in my old house held to a cool air return duct, and behind the washing machine. I ALWAYS knew where the instructions were! And made sure they weren't somewhere where they would melt...

  4. One more suggestion about receipts for things you haven't purchased at Lowe's and will not have access to via their card.
    Receipts printed on thermal paper will eventually fade and be unreadable. Make a copy of them and staple that to your manual.
    I put my manuals in plastic sleeves and in notebooks. Has worked great for me.
    Everything is one place.