Sunday, October 14, 2012

Family Pics in the new house

My oldest son came home for the weekend.  My daughter moved home about a month back.  So with everyone in the house, it seemed a great time for a family pic.  I am looking for that big 11x17 framed shot to hang on the wall.  Plus a few others for smaller frames, collages, etc...  We borrowed a nice camera from our friend Dawn and went to town.  We had better luck with nice shots outside as the interior shots seemed to be a bit blurry except for a few.  But we took probably 50-ish out front so we have some choices.  
Having this house gave us a chance to include it in our "family" shots.  We used the fireplace and front porch.

Unfortunately this is one of those "not perfect" shots.  But it will be fine in a smaller 5x7 frame.

This was one of my wife's favorite fam pics.  This will likely end up in a nice large frame.  


  1. Love the black and white one on the porch! Great looking family :)

  2. Im sure it feels good to have everyone close, great pics bro.

  3. This is awesome, Sgt. Rich! I really appreciate you sharing your after move with us all. It's nice to see you will keep it following and these pictures are indicative of that--thanks a lot for sharing your family. THE PICTURES ARE GREAT! The black & white photo is going to look awesome in the frame. I am sure your wife has picked out the wall she intends for it to go one.

    we are at feel free to join our site and join our journey too. We are building a ROME in Maryland. I am really looking forward to being in our home. :-)

  4. Love it! Why haven't I really done a lot of people photos in our new home yet? I thought I would have by now.