Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"ten month" touch up done....almost

Warning, no boring pictures of drywall repairs will be produced in this post.  But if you have perused my blog before, this won't surprise you.

We got the letter about a month back asking for a list of discrepancies that needed rectified.  The letter specified yesterday as our 10-month inspection day.  I took our running list and sent off as an email. 

I would not consider anything strange or out of the ordinary.  A few issues, like the front door deadbolt binding has rectified itself in the cold weather but was still listed and attended to for record purposes.  We had the normal assortment of doors to be adjusted and nail pops to fix. 

The supervisor, Gary, and two other gentleman handled the issues.  Everyone was very nice, cordial and polite.  No complaints what so ever. 

A couple of high notes. 
-I listed the lack of hose bib on the back of the house.  I was told front and rear at pre-construction meeting and then when I got front and side installed, PM told me it was "plumbers discretion".  I should have pushed it then but thought I could live with it.  I can't.  More glaring to me was the other three Ravenna's around me that had front and rear.  I wasn't sure if Ryan would install a (third) hose bib on the back of the house, but I asked anyway.  And sure enough, the plumber will be back Monday to install the hose bib on the rear of the house.  Awesome!  Ryan Homes gets big kudos on this one.
-The electrician came out and dropped another outside outlet down to reachable heights.  I still have the 10ft off ground outlet, but I will use that for xmas lights.  I then got him to give me a estimate for a new 220circuit and three outlets in the basement for my wood shop stuff.  Bonus.
-The flashing on the porch has been bunched up since install and can look pretty shitty when you see it.  Gary has the siding guys scheduled to come out on that one.

For you second floor laundry owners, you are not alone if you deal with high speed shakes.  I asked Gary about it and it's considered normal in every second floor laundry.  If you are building, I would highly recommend installing cross bracing on the joists below the laundry.  

So I am happy.  Ryan has continued to impress me with their post sale attentiveness. 

That is all for now,
Carry on.


  1. Good deal, my hose bibs were sides only, a rear wouldnt have been a bad idea but the irrigation guy that is going to do our rear yard next year said he can put a rear one easily.

    My PM has been great as well. He helped us get our side walkway poured, replaced our tree as it started looking like crap (even though shrubs arent covered), moved irrigation head so we could make a plant bed and hooked me up with sod where it was looking shoddy.

  2. After your post on the 2nd floor laundry, I asked our PM about cross-bracing. He gave me a lengthy explanation of why it wouldn't help (my eyes glazed over, don't remember details), but said he'd do it anyways. So we'll see. :)

    1. Oh...and we have a stacking washer/dryer. I wonder if that will help or hurt?

    2. You know, I don't know if it works or not but it seems like it could help some. It couldn't hurt.

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  4. Congrats on your walk-though - we are scheduled for Monday. Your list sounds a bit like ours. Glad they got it all taken care of. For us though, they said no drywall issues would be done for this visit and that we have a drywall form to mail in. That is going to be a nice LONG list.

  5. Glad to hear it all went well. We get the shakes here, too. I can live with it, as long as they don't try to tell us it voids our home warranty.

    Our ten month will be coming soon and we don't have a lot to deal with either. So far, any issues we have had were either dealt with immediately or so trivial they hardly mattered.