Monday, April 8, 2013

It was just too mulch

What do you do when you lack vision in respects to landscapping?
You dig out the year old mulch and lay sod!

All last year my wife and I debated on how to edge this huge mulch bed area.  Kids and dogs jump off the front porch and into the mulch, kicking it up on the concrete walk way.  They when I mow, it throws clippings into the mulch.  Add to that our lack of vision in figuring out what to plant in this huge area that will look nice without costing an arm and leg.  In a moment of lucid thought, I considered laying sod.  I ran the idea past my better half and she loved it.  One week later we knocked it out.
Next steps are to build a straight, few course stone wall separating the smaller mulch bed from the new sod.  Then plant a couple hydrangeas and call it done.

In hindsight, I wish I would have had sod put there when they did the front lawn. 


  1. Oh gosh - I've been debating doing that same thing ever since moving into the house. We're on a slope, so every time we water that flowerbed it's dirtying up the sidewalk, which makes me (more) nuts.

    I already have hydrangeas plunked down around the arc, but everything's coming out so we can get a tiller in there since Ryan Homes was so great its 8/10 stone, 2/10 dirt.

  2. What a great idea! We have the same issue with mulch getting kicked onto the sidewalk. It is a huge area to landscape if you don't have a green thumb and if it is more shaded than "sunned." They put six plants in ours, but if they go, this is what we will do!

  3. Looking great! Congrats!!! Be sure to check out our journey as we just get started at!