Monday, July 1, 2013

Lubing the Garage Door and Corn hole

Easy killers,
I didn't mean that this post was about lubing your corn hole!  sickos.
I merely am referencing two topics of this blog post.

First, and with no pictures; sorry, but I am pretty sure you don't need me to post pictures of the garage hinges!
Since the day we moved in, our garage door has sounded LOUD and horrible.  Specifically it squeeks, pops, and generally sounds like it's 100 years old.  The opener itself is quiet, but the door sounds like it's going through the grinder.  I mentioned it at the 10month inspection and I received the "you just need to lube it" speech.  I would have thought they would do that for me, but what do I know.  I knew I needed to do it, and I was tired of hearing it.  The catalyst for action was when I went into my friends garage for something and it was whisper quiet.  THAT'S IT, I'm doing something about this.
So off to Home Depot I go and purchase this...
WARNING, you can go back to garage doors and purchase "garage door lubricant" for twice the cost OR buy this shit!  I used to work with mechanics who swore by Blaster products.

I went home, watched a quick video on "how to lubricate a garage door" (thank you youtube for solving most of my questions).  The video was helpful, I suggest you watch it.
why did it help? well for starters he points out you should lube the TOP of the track versus the bottom like most suggest.

Out to the garage I go with my new can of Blaster in hand and get to spray'n.  It took about a half hour, but it did the trick.  Initially the result was better, but not perfect.  But as the days passed, and the lube worked it's way in, it got quieter and quieter.  Now I barely hear it and almost enjoy listening to it open and close.

Second, I made some cornhole boards.  My daughter asked me to make her boyfriend (and this one I like....he is a Marine) a set of cornhole boards.  He was just thinking I might paint a simple image for the Bengals, Reds, or USMC theme.  But I decided to run with it.  I designed the boards with his MOS and rank in mind.  Add that to the fact I work for a kick ass company that has kick ass printing abilities and voila.....kick ass USMC cornhole boards.
And if you don't know what cornhole is?  google it....I dare ya!  haha.....j/k it's become a pretty popular yard game.  Web search is a lot less shocking in the last ten years. 

that's all I got for now,
carry on


  1. I'm definitely going to have to remember this tip when we move in. I'm currently living with relatives, and their garage door makes SO MUCH NOISE when you open it. I'm thinking it might be nice to test it out with their house first, and hopefully help make it as quiet as you did. Thanks for the tip!

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    Thanks! -

  2. I bought a similar product that said it was for garage doors. They sprayed our door at the 10 month inspection and we have now been here 1-1/2 years so I sprayed again. For the most part I don't even hear the door open while I'm in the house. In the guest room you can hear it, but that is right over the door. I'm sure I didn't spray in the right places, so I'll go watch the video to see where I missed. Thanks!