Monday, July 22, 2013

The Trashcan Solution

Seriously, this could be the idea of the year!
Most of us building in a new neighborhood have various HOA restrictions and guidelines for trash can.  Some more extreme then others.  Ours is pretty laid back, by that I mean it states trash cans can not be visible except on trash day BUT since most of us in my 'hood have hilly yards many of us have it "hiding" somewhere in front.  Why?  Well you either leave the cans in your garage OR you develop an invisibility cloak and leave in the front.  I try the garage, but it gets real stinky this time of year.  I hate it being in front, looks ....wait for it....TRASHY!

Being that we recycle (I take the recycling myself to local drop off point....why pay for it?) we do not have a lot of trash.  In fact, our kitchen trash can uses the plastic bags we bring groceries home in. 

So what if I buy a barrel for $90, cut it (I have a jig at work from when I cut up barrels for a job) for holding a can and place it conveniently in front like decoration?  Place a large garbage bag in the can and when it gets full, tie it up and place it out front for trash pick up.

Genius!  who ever did this and posted on pinterest deserves a great trash salute!


  1. ok this is genius! i love the idea!!

  2. We have gone through the same thing....inside the garage, outside the garage, inside or outside....very annoying. I especially try not to put certain things in it over the weekend knowing we are going to catch it when we open up the garage door. Awesome...can't wait to see yours

  3. That's pretty smart! Now, to find barrels big enough to hide the behemoth trash containers provided by our city. There are seven of us- we have two of them!