Monday, October 24, 2011

Grading today's progress

So the lot has been (or in the process of) graded.  It has begun.
Shell standing bravely while my boy Ryan jumps over the "cliff"

our gentle slope has been turned into a ski slop.

I love this pic.  I may have to print this out LARGE and hang in the new house somewhere.

if you look close to bottom of the photo, you will see a lone beverage can.  Every one could use a "Bud".


  1. Very nice! That is definitely a frame-worthy pic!

  2. Before they start framing up the concrete forms for your foundation, ask the builder to frame for a 6 foot door opening in your walk-out so you can get the bike thru there...

  3. These are great pictures and I'm sure cool memories for your son!