Sunday, October 23, 2011

Surely we dig tomorrow!

So we were scheduled to break ground Wednesday, but it rained (and by rained, I meant poured) all day.  So Thursday then!?    No, it continued to rain.  But, it stopped early Thursday evening and we had hopes of Friday morning.  Turns out 2 days of solid rain makes for real sloppy conditions, who woulda thought!? So my PM called it and planned to start Monday early.  The weather has been beautiful with no plans of rain until Wednesday.  So I think tomorrow will be the day, surely!
I think my PM appreciates our patience.  I get the feeling he has had over anxious people get frustrated with any delay.  I told him it's not his fault, it rained.  NBD, once it starts it will be over in a blink.
So hopefully I will have a few pics to post tomorrow.  Stand by.

So it started thunder and lightning this morning followed by some rain.  Lasted about 45 minutes and now the suns back out.  Still hoping I get a hole today.  


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  2. Good luck! We are still in the beginning stages, but when they FINALLY schedule the dig I want them digging! We're getting a Ravenna, too. My blog is here if you want to see:

  3. If you want to see how ground breaking can get delayed, check out my timeline.

  4. SCJ, I saw that timeline last night. Your comments were great! I am leveraging my excitement with the expectations that delays will happen.