Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hang'n in the Garage

you heard right.  For those that don't know, us Cincinnati folks play a game called Cornhole.  I could explain it or you could google it.
There are two 2'x4' cornhole boards per set and I have two sets.  At my last house, they have lived on the garage floor leaning against the wall, or garbage can, or table, or whatever else I had jammed in that little garage.  NOT ANY MORE!

I went with the French Cleat to secure the boards to the wall.  Since the boards are 2' wide, I was able to buy just ONE 1x6x8', rip it down the middle with the 45 degree cut.

The other half was cut to size and screwed to the back of the boards.

our "office" is the last room that has yet to be unpacked.  At my wife's request, I built another shelf unit.  This one cost me $20.   I bought 8 2x4's and the rest was scraped from the dumpster with the new house built down the street.


  1. Cornhole is very popular here in Western PA. Those are very nice boards! Did you make them?

  2. Cornhole's pretty popular in northeast OH as well. It's not a party until someone drags out the cornhole!

  3. Who Dey!

    Nice organizational skills there.

  4. Great job once again, Im going to start putting together the shopping list for that mitre saw table, shoot me some info when you have time, thanks.

  5. CMM, I fake it well
    JBY, I did. I built the Bengals boards to sell but liked them too much to give up. The POW will never be sold because it was a pain in the arse to paint. I spent one summer a few years back making/painting the boards and selling. I like to build the sets; mitered corners, countersunk screws, collapsible legs, etc... But I hate painting them.
    Rachel, you are totally correct.
    Thomas, Who Dey!
    Steve, plans just emailed.