Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look, Sgt Rich built some more shelves! who knew!?

I know, I know, more shelves.
A quick back story.  I lived in my last house for 12 years and suffered from a severe lack of storage and shelf space.  My little one car, 7' ceiling garage looked like one of those storage sheds from Storage Wars.  So now, with all this room I want space to keep it all organized and off the floor.
So on to my new shelf unit.  I wanted something beyond the "slapping 2x4's together" shelves I have built so far (minus the picture shelves, those are nice)
So behold....
I should have taken the pic before, but I had some bags of grass seed, some recycling bins, and misc. crap leaning in the corner.  We also have some dog leashes that need a place to hang by the door.

I wanted something that didn't make contact with the cement floor.  Ease of cleaning and lack of rotting over time were my reasons.  So I lagged a 2x3 built "wall" with 1/4 lag screws to a stud and sandwiched it with 1/4 hardwood

The finished look.  I built it with 2x3's, 1x4 #2 pine for the trim, and 1/2 MDF for the shelves.    I have become a huge fan of Spax screws (found at Home Depot).  I used 2.5" #8 screws on everything.  

I started throwing some crap on there quickly before having to leave for Ryan's Baseball game.  The recycling bins fit under perfectly.  The wife is looking forward to storing extra cases of drinks, water, food, etc... on shelf 2&3.  The drinks were being stored on the floor to the left of the door.  Now maybe I can dig out my work bench on the right side of the garage.

I kept it at 48" wide giving me room to hang some hooks giving us a nice place for jackets, leashes, and whatever else you may want to keep next to a high traffic door.

And this one I built without any plans.


  1. Nice idea!! I'll have to show that to my DH...I want one, too! LOL


  2. Thats a great implementation, because of the large staircase in our garage there isnt much room for creative shelving solutions. We really need to figure out what is the most efficient. Probably going with a T ceiling mounted floating shelf for long items first.

  3. That is some woodworking skill!

  4. We will be having the opposite issue as we are going from a large 3 car garage to a 2 car. We've never had to be all that organized since we had so much space. Great job on the shelves!

  5. Very nice! We will definitely have to think about doing this! Eventually I want a finished basement so that means no workshop space for hubby and no extra storage for me unless it's in the garage.

  6. Nice design and well executed... You've learned well, grasshopper....


  7. Wow, nice!!! I read your blog from beginning to end and def. jotted some notes down from it. I hope my PM will let me run some pvc pipes or at least put up some extra insulation. Your blog was one of the first I read that helped get me excited to start my own blog about my Ryan home purchase. Here's my blog.