Friday, May 4, 2012

I AM the big dog on the porch

the old saying, "if you can't run with the big dogs, get back on the porch"
Well with thunder storms blowing through this week, I have spent some time on my porch.
My house faces East.  Most storms blow in from the West.  Which means that my covered front porch stays dry even through the bigger storms.  Tonight was no different.  It was straight pouring, lightening, thunder, and there I was...hanging out on the covered front porch taking it in.
We almost built two times before and both times I started with the covered front porch elevations in what ever house plan we picked.  AND it was always the first to go because of cost.  When we landed with Ryan on this lot, we were forced into this elevation as there were two other Ravenna's around me.  I am glad they didn't give me a chance to be cheap.
I think the Pizza guy is glad too.


  1. We got forced into the higher elevation too so we will have the porch. Our last house had a porch and I am partial to them too. The porch will face North but is open to the side from the West, so I am not sure how much storm watching I will be doing from there.

  2. Gee....I want a porch! I do not believe that offer that option in Maryland! The porch gives the house character and more space to play! What a blessing!

  3. We wanted brick but there was no option for a porch, Ericka really wanted it but they wouldnt budge claiming too many engineering changes to accommodate.

  4. A porch is on my short list of things to do. I couldn't take the one they offered because of my quirks. I plan to do built in bookshelves on two office walls, build my island, and do quite a bit of work in the dining room. My list has the porch right after those. I hope I win some big cash money!

    Congrats on getting a good sitting porch. We'll be over one of these days to sit on it.

  5. I actually had the elevation D on my Naples model that included the front porch. After the price kept going up and up between design selections, electrical outlets, cable, carpeting, etc, I decided to save the $$ and go down to elevation C, with just a stoop. I may wish I hadn't, but the finished basement bedroom with windows is just a bit more important to me right now.