Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Landscape issues and a meeting

I wish I had gotten off my bum and taken some specific pictures.  Many of you have seen the following concerns in previous posts.
Final Grading.  My arch nemesis.  My one regret in this house is that I didn't stalk the work that day.
So last week I finally headed into the backyard and begin to cut out the last several feet of that hay roll crap they put over the grass seed.  When I say "last several feet", I mean all along the back edge of the lawn.  That's a lot.  Why you ask?  Because gigantic weeds don't grow through the hay roll; rather, the large weeds just push it up tent like.  Once I cut it out, I was able to mow that shit down.  Bring on the lawn mower.  After mowing, I gave it a day or two and decided I can't take it.  Between pulling the hay roll and mowing, adding in some things I already knew, I was angry/frustrated/whatever
So I shot my PM an email.
Know this, while my PM was frustrating at times in his slowness to respond, he has always come through in spectacular fashion.  

My email to PM was something along the lines of:
"you said you would bring in dirt to ease the slope, cut one drain pipe, extend the other.  NONE of that was done.  Large rocks hiding under the hay roll prove no smoothing, grading, etc... was done.  There is a hump of dirt pushed up on left side attempting to cover waterproofing but failing.  The right side is worse.  Waterproofing sticking out and a slope dangerous enough to make a big guy like me struggle to keep my lawn mower from tipping over"
That was the cliff notes.

He responded and we have a meeting tonight at the house.  Not sure what, if anything, will be done.  I will keep you guys informed.  I will get some pics posted tonight so you can fully understand my point OR tell me I'm batshit crazy and to get over it.  It's ok, I can take it.


  1. You may be crazy, but not about this issue. Your slope is ridiculous and there is no reason for there to be waterproofing showing above grade. I'm so glad that our landscaping will not be done until we are actually living there because I plan to be all over that. Hope your PM continues to come through for you.

  2. Ditto. Rachel said it all. I hope he finally takes care of this for you!

  3. Your concerns are totally valid. Ours is yet to be done, but I'm already frustrated. Everything seems to be a struggle or done with an "Oh well, who cares?" attitude. I care, dangit, and they should too. We paid a lot of money for this house.

  4. Keep on them Sarge....from your pics that I see you have posted Don't think the waterproof blanket should be visibly

  5. Echoing the other comments, you shouldn't have to deal with that slope and the waterproofing showing is just evidence to the point that something is wrong.