Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Build a shelf idea and the 30 day yap

So if you saw the last post, you saw my new shelf rack in the basement.  Total cost as approx. $70 for 64 square feet of shelf.  That's about a buck per square foot. 
While yapping with Steve (+ Erica), he gave me an idea using pallets.  I found a really nice/clean 54"x40" pallet with .75 MDF screwed to the top!  So I plan to cut the pallet in half, screw 2"x4"x24"(ish) to the corners and make a two shelf rack.  A friend at work has casters sitting in his garage he will give me tomorrow.  So for the cost of a 2x4 (about $2), I will build a two shelf rack on casters yielding 15 square feet of shelf space.  Now this one is about 13 CENTS per square foot. 
I plan to build these smaller pallet shelf units for seasonal storage.  Then when I need, let's say xmas stuff, I will just wheel my shelf to the stairs and start hauling it upstairs.
You can build the same thing without cutting pallet in half.  Just screw some casters to the bottom and you instantly have a full size pallet shelf on wheels.   
I will post a pic or two when I am done.  Probably this weekend.

I also installed one of those curved shower curtain rods.  Very cool.  Those are one of those small things I notice in a hotel shower and always think that it would be nice to put one in my bathroom.  Well, I did.  And it rocks.  

The 30 day went fine.  We started a "30 day list" early on and added to it as needed.  We still forgot a few small things but no biggie.  A gentleman by the name of Ken came in.  He appears to be a "jack of all trades" kind of guy.  I had no complaints with his work. 
The flashing they recently installed under the Morning room walkout still needs to be verified that it's corrected the leaking issue.  THEN they will come replace the damaged wood planks.  My PM said he will fix the ends of the flashing to clean it up, as it looks half assed right now.  With wet snow today turning to rain tonight, I am hoping to get the verification.
Also, I am waiting for the "tub guy" to set a time to come correct my two tub issues.  Having spoken to a friend who recently built a Ryan home and had a tub repair, I feel good about the outcome.  Looks like these "tub guys" are very good at what they do. 

Next project is some shelving on the garage back wall next to the door.  My goal is ample storage, possibly a shoe rack at the bottom AND completely off the floor (screwed/lagged to the wall) for easy garage clean up. 


  1. Sounds like things are moving right along. Hope to see some more pictures.

  2. Sounds like a plan. Ive already amassed some pallets from my job :) Curved shower rod added to list. Supposedly our digging begins next tues...we shall see.