Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pallet Rack

So I can get pallets here and there from work.  I found a slightly wider (54" x 42") pallet in good shape.  Using a circular saw,  I cut the pallet in half giving me two 54"x21" pieces.  I bought two 2x4's for $4.34 and cut to 30" lengths giving me about 20" of height on the bottom shelf.  With my boy slamming the screws in, we got it assembled this morning.
Note: I replaced the big rack's 2" casters with 3.25" casters a friend at work gave me.  I then put those 2" casters on my new pallet rack.  Total cost: $4.34 (plus $10 for casters if you need/want them)
Put Ryan to work with a 12v Impact Driver.  Teach 'em young!  Also, notice the space between the pallets?  I found that holds brooms, extra wood, etc... very nicely

He is very proud of his work, and so am I.
So in case you don't see it, with some modifications, this could be used as a garden work bench, hobby bench, etc...  


  1. I'm so buying the pots and pans rack. I also am buying the hardware to convert the trash can into a cabinet. Looks great!