Friday, February 24, 2012

The plank has been walked....again.

So remember that leaking issue I had?  Well a box of new wood planks were delivered a week or so back and left in the Morning room to acclimate.  We came home today and the damaged planks have been replaced.  I was nervous about the results, but from what I can see...I am very happy with the repair.

Remember that kick ass pot organizer I installed?  What I didn't tell you was that while assembling it, I didn't ask for help holding things.  While assembling it on the island, a rather heavy piece went crashing to the floor putting a decent gouge in the hard wood.  My PM worked some magic and had the flooring guy "fix" it.  He didn't replace the board, but he did fill it with some thing.  Looks great.  It wasn't too noticeable before and it's even better now.

I need to check the Morning Room door flashing they installed to fix the leak.  The edges were rather ugly and my PM promised to "make them look better".  I would now, but we just got back from a celebratory 16 year anniversary dinner at "The Melting Pot" and I feel fatter then a fat kid left alone in a twinkie factory.

Tomorrow I assemble the base to my new basement workbench.  I have been scraping good pieces of wood for a couple weeks now.  I ended up needing $15 in new lumber though.  Everything is ripped and cross cut to desired sizes.  A quick trip to HD for some wood screws and I will be glu'n and screw'n.    Check back for pictures.
OH, I also get to buy my new Dewalt 10' Miter saw.  Which means my next project will be a miter bench in the garage.

That's all for now.
carry on.


  1. good deal on the repairs, glad to see there are good resources after the fact and Ill take one of those twinkies if the factory is available.

    cant wait for your take on the miter bench, another one for the list

  2. You know what I got from this post? Melting Pot. Thank goodness for us we have to drive an hour to get to one or we'd be hobos who eat at the Melting Pot every day.