Sunday, February 19, 2012

I got the shakes

So I don't know the answer, but I wanted to get you clued in to be prepared.
Second floor laundry CAN (but not always) come with the shakes.  What do I mean?  Google it.  Turns out that front loaders can be prone to causing house shakes with their high speed spin cycles.  It appears that the sub floor can be bolstered (if you knew to do it during the framing stage), you can add "vibration absorbing feet), etc...
Good luck.  As I said, I don't have an answer to the fix.  It does seem to be washer specific.
Something to consider.


  1. This is what a friend of mine used and it stopped the vibration.

  2. Someone told us, for our other house, to go to Tractor Supply or similar store (maybe Southern States) and buy a horse stall pad They are pretty cheap. Put it under the washer and it absorbs most of the vibrations. In our townhouse, the neighbors must have had a front load and it would shake our house and make my double master door rattle. Our new house has a top load, but it too has a super high spin, but so far, not much rattle.

  3. We also used the Silent Feet from on our front loaders and they work perfectly

  4. My wife bought some "off brand" anti vibe feet. I put them in last night with good results. At high speed spin, some vibe noticed but not nearly as bad. At the medium spin setting, we noticed nothing. So it appears to have made all the difference.
    I will follow up after a few more loads to make sure it was actual difference and not my mind wanting to see the difference.

  5. I picked up anti-vibration rubber pads at Lowes. They make a nice difference. They were on clearance at my Lowes for around $25.