Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally, some pictures

So after a two hour clean session yesterday....or as my wife calls it, the weekly cleaning, I got some pictures.

Notice the superbowl squares on the fridge?  Yeah, I didn't win anything.  But my wife did with her's.

If you are like us and go buy two stools, buy three.  We sit around the island most nights needing three.  AND, they make great "end tables" in the family room in a pinch.

The morning room, still just a couple of Paong chairs.  Still my favorite Sunday morning spot....when my wife doesn't have me cleaning.

Just need some crap on the walls and an ottoman and it'll be good to go....for a while.

Living room needs an endtable, a comfy reading chair and it will be perfect.

my family room fan.  Awesome huh?

The morning room fan.  more awesomeness.

So Friday we have scheduled our 30 day punch.  We have mostly minor issues like: two doors not latching when closed, few little paint repair concerns, longer drawer screws needed, some caulking needed.  BUT the three issues I consider large are: the leaking sliding door.  Somebody came out and installed some flashing under the morning room door.  Even though I have almond trim, somebody shoved a piece of white trim under the door and called it fixed.  The PM is supposed to be coming out to check it out, I emailed him my displeasure.  Also, I have a "problem" in both tubs.  The general bath has a small hole on the exterior part of the tub.  That looks like an easy fix with a little bondo or fiberglass repair kit.  Then yesterday while giving the MB tub a good scrubbing I found a crack/chip on the interior part of the tub.  I have no idea how that gets fixed. 
So I asked my PM to check the tubs out when he is out today looking at the flashing job so he can get a game plan together for Friday's punch. 
All in all, I am still very happy with my house.  There are issues, but so far my PM has been stellar at handling them.  AND I have learned to "relax" a bit and have patience. 


  1. Your home looks great! I especially love the kitchen. The cabinets, counters, and paint colors compliment each other really well! Do you mind sharing where you purchased the family room fan? I really like it! We've had zero luck finding a fan w/o a light that we like. Enjoy and please keep us posted on how the 30 day inspection goes!

  2. Looks great! The light in the morning room is hypnotizing. Seeing your house all lived-in makes me even more anxious for Friday.

  3. I love it and I can't wait!!!!!

  4. Hey Sgt. Rich the house is looking great, its Steve from VA and were finally getting started over here with our Ravenna.

    Ive already been brown nosing the PM so I can get lucky and complete some pre-drywall work of my own :)

  5. The house looks great and it really makes me excited to see how great your cabinets look with the dark hardwood. So happy we went with the same selection. Did you have your PM install your ceiling fans? Is this something unheard of or too pushy to ask? We can install them after we move in, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask...

  6. by the way-we also opted for the full fireplace--are you happy with that decision? I think it looks beautiful and really 'pops' in the family room...

    1. Tara,
      I have NO regrets on the fireplace. If you are going to spend some cash on a fake fire, might as well make it look fantastic!
      I installed the ceiling fans. I have heard of people working deals with the electricians on the side, but I never made contact with the electrician until AFTER I installed them.
      You PM is not allowed, or doesn't want to know (wink wink) about some things. Your best route is to ask for a phone number OR catch them on site. Your PM can tell you when they will be working on your house. Sometimes you get lucky, my PM worked the deal for the wider driveway with the concrete guy for me. In the end, don't ever be afraid to never know.

  7. Where did you get your barstools?? I love them!!