Friday, April 27, 2012

Holy Crap! is that grass!?

Pictures to follow as my wife has camera.
I came home today and holy crap....I see grass popping out of the hay blanket!  And we have some more rain on tap tomorrow. Luckily this is a good time as Mother Nature has helped out with some rain.  Interesting to both WANT the rain for the grass but NOT want rain as it makes for a dreary day.  
I am still waiting on that "one more time through the house" trip.  Although the replacement screen was laying in front of the garage today when I got home.
ATTENTION, don't send in your survey until everything is done.  I have faith that my PM will follow through with his "word" BUT, I sent in the survey BEFORE they final graded and sod/seeded.  One could wonder if having the survey in the back pocket he would be a little more...motivated.  I emailed him the side pic with the 10ft off the deck outlet and the waterproofing sticking out asking some questions and have not heard back in a couple days.  Time will tell.  I still have the 10 month and am fine if this crap gets pushed off til then.

Stay tuned.  I am planning on putting up some trim in the "mudroom" aka hallway from garage to kitchen with some easy to clean semi gloss paint below the trim.  Add a few hooks to the trim by the door and I have a great place for leashes, jackets, etc...


  1. They should really fix that outlet for you. Discretionary placement or not by the electrician, come on, that is just not usable. If they don't fix it, then a second unsolicited survey may be in order I think.

  2. Yes totally, I know that they always try to refrain from making holes in your concrete walls but if they needed a ladder to install it, obviously youll need a ladder to use it, ridic.