Friday, April 6, 2012

Not so fast Mr.Grass

Ok, so nothing yet. 
I have not touched base with my PM as to the delay in final grading or sod.  As of 0700 today, I still had piles of rocks in my front yard.  Oh well....all in due time.  One more week I don't have to rake.
Piles of Rocks?  My front yard is widely populated with rocks, most from when they do the driveway.  So one day when I was bored and thinking rocks should be raked into piles and removed.  I got just under a 1/3rd of the front raked into piles before I decided I was A) an idiot, surely they will remove rocks on "final grade" and B) tired.  That's low ranking bullshit work there.  I had sent multiple inquiries to my PM asking if there is some kind of rock removal step.  The email at the beginning of this week said that he scheduled this week for "final grade" and "rock removal".  Sure...after I raked into piles.  haha.  At least the piles will FORCE them to do something.   Hopefully it's NOT level them back out and throw some dirt on top.

One quick note.  If you are like me, the package included SOD in the front, and SEED the side and back.  I talked to a neighbor that got the whole lot sodded for an additional $1000.  So it that's important to you, ask for it.  

I am waiting for 2 weeks of no rain so I can seal my deck.  I am bound and determined to not let my deck fall into shit in this house.  I started doing a little research into a quality seal.  Turns out there is a lot to this topic.  So before you waltz into Home Depot and buy the first color you like, do some research.  Turns out HD's Behr deck stain product is reviewed as some of the worst! 
After a fair amount of time, I ordered this:
Feel free to do your own research.  I have yet to apply, but this is the stuff contractors use.  It penetrates INTO the wood and not just puts a cover on it.  Even better, in two years when I recoat the horizontals, I will not have to scrap, sand, etc... the old stuff.  Just reapply.  I haven't found a bad review yet....and if YOU do...I don't want to see it!

That is all for now.
carry on


  1. I wouldn't take for granted they will remove the rocks! They did our yard in spring last year, but we just watched them do another neighbor's and they did NOT remove the rocks!! I would make sure, don't ASSume!


  2. Wow, I didn't realize that some people had to pay to have their whole yard sodded. We get the front, back, and sides all at no additional cost.

  3. Sod would be nice. All we get is seed :(

  4. They didn't remove the rocks and chunks of concrete in our yard at all. I asked about it and they said they just cover it with 8" of dirt so there's no need to remove it. We aren't happy about it, but they already dumped the "top soil" (hard clay filled with rock) so there's nothing we can do about it.

  5. Hmm sounds like a convo for the PM when he gets back from vacation. The SR and I were talking and he said he thinks a quick chat with the landscape company would work if I pre purchase the sod, have it on site and pay them directly they should do it no problem, we will see.

  6. Take it from a 2nd time Ryan Home builder THEY DON"T REMOVE ROCKS Our last yard was a nightmare. We had trouble getting our grass to stay green and planting stuff. Every time we dug we hit that tiny gravel they make a faux driveway and sidewalk to the front door out of. Our front yard was filled with it. We've already addressed this with our PM.