Friday, April 20, 2012

one more time through the house

So my PM is rolling through the house one last time while he is "assigned" to me.  We have hit the 90day and will have to start using the 1-800 number between now and the 10 month.
What's he doing today?
Replacing the morning room screen door. Screen was torn when they were "fixing" the leak issue
Replacing kitchen corner bottom cabinet door.  Cracked for no apparent reason
Securing the hose bib.  I think they screwed it to the siding only.  ummmm, you need longer screws guys. 
Fix a spot of drywall where it meets the railing.  It's cracked and looks like shit.
Repair multiple edges of hardwood boards
Toe kick molding under cabinet loose.  They secured it with two nails only. 
Fill a small spot of drive way concrete where it meets the garage concrete.
There may be a couple other issues, but they escape me now.  I am very happy that my PM is making this one last trip through.

On the grass side of things, we got our sod/seed last Friday.  It looks great and we are diligently watering.  It's a great time of year as mother nature helps out a bit with lower temps and rain.  The final grading will be graded a "B".  WARNING, I believe they final grade and sod on the same day to keep you from bitching about the grading.  I would advise getting a very clear understanding of what the PM's plans are if you foresee issues.  Now that my grass is down, I am likely to live it as I don't want to tear up the grass I have waited for. 
I see what you did there Mr. PM.  Well played Ryan homes, well played.

Pictures to follow.


  1. Where are the pics of your new sod?

    What is it that you don't like about the grading?

  2. Glad to hear your grass arrived! How are you handling the sod/seed with the dogs? I'm assuming we won't be able to let our dog near ours.

    1. We still walk the dogs to the end of the street and let them do their dooty on an empty lot.....except first this in morning. I let them out the walkout in the basement for a quick whiz. All in all, it's going well.

  3. Be happy you got sod. We got seed covered by hay about 4 weeks ago. We had no rain between then and the day we settled (4/16), and couldn't water ourselves before we settled. We now have dust covered by hay, and we have to reseed ourselves. Ryan doesn't do sod in our area for some reason. I, too, have dogs, so I will have to deal with dogs and mud this summer.