Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is that dog piss or a leak?

In the first two weeks of ownership, Ohio has thrown a wind storm, an ice storm, then a rain storm.  I guess we are lucky in a way, it's showing any issue early while getting the PM out is easy.
It was last Wednesday night and it has been storming for over 24 hours.  I go down stairs and found a huge puddle of water coming from under the sliding glass door.  I should note that the door sits about 3 inches above ground level outside.  It has to be coming down from above, somewhere.  I took a couple pics with plans to send to PM Thursday.  As I was typing the email, I wondered if it could have been dog piss (as my big whiny boxer has marked the basement two times at this point).  So my wife checked that night and figured out it was in fact water leaking in. 
The sheet is there to catch dirty paws coming through the door.

Remember, that was Wednesday night.  So Sunday morning I am standing in the kitchen looking into the morning room.  The light hit the hard wood floor that ends at the sliding door just right and allowed me to notice that about 7ish boards are cupping severely.  Anybody want to bet if the two (leaking and cupped wood) are related?
My PM made an appointment to meet my wife yesterday.  First walking in and before my wife could point anything out, he saw the wood.  My wife said he is "on it".  Something about ordering more wood and getting siding guys to pull some siding and check for seals.
This should all bother me, but it doesn't.  I believe it's all part of the process.  In fact, I should thank the crappy Ohio weather for pointing out a flaw early enough to make a fix without too much damage.   


  1. And good that it happens while you are still under the PM and not when you have to deal with My RH by phone or online. Our kids found a small leak in the basement. Thank goodness our basement isn't finished or we would never have seen it. It looks like it is coming from under the kitchen sink and when I pull everything out from under the sink there was a small bit of water there too. I think it is coming from where two pipes were glued. Plumber is coming out Thursday to take a look. It is such a small drip that it would have taken awhile to get through drywall if the basement was finished and it probably would have mold on it long before the water ever made it through.

    Glad they are fixing it. Sounds like the didn't put the flashing in correctly.

  2. Make sure when they pull the wood bank they do a row or two past the point to make sure they get all affected areas. So glad you caught this early.

  3. 2nlehigh, the wood planks end at the door(perpendicular) versus running parallel to it. So I expect to see a good 7-10 rows removed and replaced. I plan to stress to my PM that I am rather anal about this looking as good replaced as it did new.

  4. You and I are the same. I'm very anal about things like that as well.

    The last house we built had wood floor issues and I had the REP from the flooring company on her knees in a skirt crawling all over to the point she said "we'll give you knew floors" just so she could get up LOL.

    You'll hate how they remove and fix them but the finished product is worth it.

    We had them install a damper on the furnace today, thanks for the advice. Also you spoke a few weeks ago about something to do with the water tank and installing something or do I have the wrong person?

  5. You will find that it takes a bit to get hot water out of any faucets. It's normal, but frustrating if your impatient, green(ish), or both (guilty of both). I plan to install a hot water recirculating kit.