Monday, March 26, 2012

I put my Hoe in it's place!

Garden Hoe!  hahahaha

So as I walk up and down the street, peering into my neighbors garages I notice many have yard tools lining one (or more) walls.  I don't want that, especially since I only use a few tools the majority of the time.  So I found this idea and executed on it.  It works great.  When I add more tools, I will add some hooks to keep them from accidentally falling out of their slot.  Additions will be some hooks screwed to the back to hang extension cords.  If I need it, I will make another....but that will be a while.
It was so nice to get this stuff off the floor and hanging.

The back and supports are 2x6's I snagged from the new house dumpster.  The slotted top is 3/4 MDF scavenged from the pallet I used for the "pallet rack" I built a month back.  So this rack was free!  I lagged it to studs with .25 3.5" lag screws

Just discovered while making my kids pancakes Sunday morning.  The bottom corner cabinet is splitting from the top.  Already emailed the PM.  He ordered a new door today.

I may have to frame this last pic.  A man, his beer and knife flipping burgers on his grill in front of his new house.

A few other thoughts.
I am amazed at little discrepancies I find here and there.  It doesn't bother me as my PM is great at taking care of stuff as it gets discovered.  Sunday I found the base molding on the far wall of the Morning Room missing caulk corner to corner.  How have I not seen that?  Last week we closed the master closet for the first time and found it binds so bad it barely closes.  Again, this weekend I discovered the kick plate under the cabinet next to the fridge was floppy loose.
There are a few other little things.  I am not saying that any of this bothers me.  I find humor and/or amazement that I have been in over two months and never noticed some of this stuff.  It just further emphasizes my belief that so many things can fade into the grey noise of our life.
So I emailed my PM asking what can be done under his control versus what should go on a "10 month" list.  His reply was that he will knock it out.  nice!


  1. Awesome job once again bro, I have some plans for a T ledge for the garage ceiling Ive been meaning to send you, great for storing long items off the floor like PVC & 2x4s Last pic is def my fave. Is that a bud platinum? havent tried one yet.

  2. Great job and idea as always. Glad to hear that your PM is still taking care of things and not making you wait until the 10 month. Question re: your kitchen counters: Do you have any seams? If so, do you have or can you take some pics? I know the Ravenna and Verona layouts are different, but I don't know too many people that have the upgraded laminate. TIA!

  3. Rachel,
    the counters have one seam in the corner. I will try to remember taking a pic tonight. It's pretty standard.

  4. Looks really should start your own home improvement gig! A while ago I think you posted info about adding a corner kitchen upper cabinet. Did you end up getting one? If so, do you mind sending me the details ( We have the dreaded space at the end of our upper cabinents and are looking for something to fill it. I've put in a call to Timberlake, but wanted to hear what other folks have come up with. Thanks.

  5. I just stumbled onto your blog and it's so funny because 2 of my cabinet doors did the same thing and Ryan Homes told me they had NEVER heard of such a thing...but the repair man told me it happends all the time, scary! I'm in upstate new york and we just moved into a milan!