Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dumpster Diving, and proud of it!

I built in a neighborhood that is .... about done.  There is one house that just started getting framed Tuesday with one lot left to sell.  Both just two doors down from me.  At least I get to enjoy watching at least one, maybe two get built.  The fun to follow along when there is no emotional attachment. 
So with two days of framing down, the dumpster had some nice finds.  I carried home four pieces of OSB board.  All good sizes (2'x4' or larger) to build another shelf in the basement.  Tonight, I hope to find some 2x4's they used for bracing.  If I get lucky, maybe I can build another shelf and not cost a dime!
So yeah, I dug in the dumpster....don't judge!


  1. Haha, nice...but you have to beat me there :)

  2. We went diving while our house was still under construction and put it in our old backyard until we could move in. Now all that wood is in my basement. Now we need them start working on the house two doors down -next to Songig, so that we can grab some more wood and hopefully some plywood. We have a good friend in a wheel chair (all motorized and probably 300+ pounds total) and we want to build a ramp for him. If we can get all the parts without paying - even better!