Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm Hung

So the Ravenna comes with an "office".  For now, it's the only room with unpacked boxes.  Mostly pictures.  I found a nice idea on for picture shelves.  Very simple yet very cool.  I like the idea that we can add, rearrange, remove, etc... without re-designing the "picture wall".  So I set out to build a set of 48" shelves.  We (I) painted them a Sherwin Williams "Batik Blue" which is very nice next to the "whole wheat" Ryan painted the house.  Three screws each into some studs on the foyer wall, add photos, and enjoy.
These are called "$10 Shelf" because that's how much the wood cost.  I used a nicer "select" pine for the back and front lip and a lower grade for the bottom.  Still came to $10 each.
Hung and ready for pictures

With pictures.  The great thing...we have already added and removed since this pic was!

A close up for your entertainment.


  1. Love this idea. When are you accepting orders? LOL

    We haven't hung any pictures because we don't want to put a hole in the wall until we are sure where we want the pictures. It's driving me nuts.

  2. Awesome job...simple, clean and effective. Thats a great look in the foyer

  3. You know, I am the same way. It feels very "final" when you put a hole in the wall. That's why I loved this idea. I knew that wall was for pictures, but I never look forward to hanging pictures. I am anal and sometime a perfectionist, so if they are not straight, even and level....I'm not happy. So these shelves solve these issues. We plan to hang a couple pics to compliment the shelves. A big framed family pic and then my "house in stages" I will print and frame once I get that final picture of the house with sod in front.

  4. Okay you guys are going to laugh but in my last house that we built with Ryan had maybe 4 nail holes and we lived there for 7 years LOL. I say put some damn nail holes in the walls lol I will this time......

    Looks great and I might steal the house in stages idea!

  5. Looks great. I agree - when are you planning to open your store so we can buy stuff? :)

  6. Gina, you guys are tearing out a wall to put in a door from the garage. I'm pretty sure you and the hubby can glue and screw three pieces of wood together! haha

  7. Yeah, yeah. But he is so busy with that that he doesn't have time for shelves. ;)