Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gett'n some grass!

So my PM emailed me this last week.
He has ordered the morning room screen door (torn when they were figuring out the leak)
He has ordered the kitchen corner cabinet (cracked)
Once it all comes in, he will set everyone up for one more trip through the house, making some small fixes that we continue to discover.
Also, there are three winter closed houses in my 'hood that will be getting a "final grade" Monday and/or Tuesday with Sod/Seed wed/thurs/fri.  So it appears I will be mowing soon.
While I have enjoyed not having to mow the last few weeks, I am glad it will be coming in early in the season with plenty of rainy spring to help it take hold and grow.

I will have to take a picture for full understanding, but I made a funny discovery yesterday.  Understand that the yard slopes down starting at the right end of the porch and drops from there.  I was walking my pups back from the empty lot (aka "my dog's shitt'n spot") and notice something on the right side of the house.  My mind tells me I know what it is, but the height has me second guessing.  So on closer inspection, my suspicions are proved correct.  They installed an electric outlet box on the right side of the house.  That's great.....except it's 10 feet off the ground!  haha.  I need a ladder to access the outlets.  Oh well, I suppose I will use it to plug an electric dog fence in.  I should mention the hose bib on the left side of the house is about 5-6 feet off the ground.
What's the lesson here?  When your PM says things are at the installers discretion, you may want to hammer down a specific understanding of WHERE is "discretion" is.


  1. Consider yourself lucky - we are still waiting on our dang driveway and I got a call from the PM the other day saying it'll be getting done in about 2 weeks.

    Later that day I saw a great deal on a bunch of trees, bushes, shrubbery & flowers so I bought a ton of stuff and put it in the garage.

    Hold on a minute! They aren't planning on doing the yard quite yet. They still have to grade it, get inspections, grade some more, do rockhounding, grade again, blah blah blah. I'm irritated because he says they wont even start all this until the concrete work is done. My trees and plants better not die in the meantime!

  2. we saw a few of those in the neighborhood before we bought ours. I made sure we had a good understanding of what height things on the outside would be. There is one house where the hose bib is like yours and they have the hose wheel to help bring it down but looked kind of tacky. I made sure we marked where I wanted the hose bib too be and that out side outlet. -- Taz

  3. Thanks for all the info. I just started my Ryan blog.
    Feel free to add me to your blogroll.


  4. Thanks for all the information. ...I just started a Ryan home blog as my wife and our are about to build. .....please add me to your list

  5. Dont know how I missed this post. Luckily our lot is pretty flat, those placement decisions sound ridiculous. The only thing weve seen so far is external outlet and hose bib placed on the "dead" side of the house where there will be nearly no activity since the garage and side door are on the other side.