Sunday, March 4, 2012


Just finished building my new Miter Saw bench.
Total length is 8' long with 22" to the right of the saw.  Built out of a sheet of 3/8" BC Sanded Ply, a stick of 1x4, and two 2x4's.  I may upgrade with pull out trays so I don't find scraps hiding in the back of the "cubby's"

You can see what I did here.  Sandwiched the 1x4's (dividers) between the ply and screwed 2x4 "runners" to the bottom. 

I screwed a strip of ply to the back.  This design allows me to move the bench/saw to the garage in nice weather, basement in cold weather, and/or a friend's house if need be.  Have sawhorses, will travel.

Once it was all screwed together, I ran the router along the edges to soften it a bit and then sanded the top.  I plan to throw a coat of poly for shit's and giggles when I do the bench top.
Now that I have a bench and miter bench, time to make the picture shelves I promised the wife.


  1. Hey - I just started my RH blog - you can follow the progress here:

    Thanks for everything you've shared - it's been a huge help!

  2. Youve knocked it out the park once again. Nice plumb levels on the cut platform, def the right way to do it!