Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Round 2, Front Load washing machine shakes VS big ugly Marine

So the good fight continues. 
I have had a couple people tell me their PM has "never heard of the house shaking" due to high speed spin cycles of washing machines.  My question to you is.....would you tell your PM your house shakes from YOUR washer?  I wouldn't, they may try to use that against me if something wrong in the house popped up.  Just google it and you will find this is not a small concern.  Many deal with it.  My neighbors, in fact, said they have the same issue. 
Soooooo, what's the details.  
I have a 6 year old LG Tromm, Front Loaders on factory pedestals
Last post had me putting the washer on anti-vibe feet found at Home Depot with some improvement
Sunday, we took the Washer off the pedestal, on the anti-vibe feet and had HUGE improvement.
The windows no longer shake.  There is still some shake still felt.  I plan to get a swimming noodle, cut to fit, and shove between washer and wall/dryer. 
I am keeping the dryer on the pedestal.  no reason except maybe laziness

My new burst proof, anti leak, braided lines.  Having seen a certain someone's flooded house recently, and Tammi's mention that hoses should be replaced every 6 years had me motivated to replace them.
One more note.  I'm not sure if all the washing machine adjustments caused it or if it was never sealed but I found the collar that goes through the hole in the washing tub and into the drain pipe loose.  Which means water would leak under the collar and in the house instead of down the pipe.  So I pulled it up, applied a thick gob of adhesive caulk and reset the drain collar.  So now water will go DOWN the pipe. 


  1. Good deal! If pool noodles are difficult to find this time of year you can always go for the pipe insulation (like I did for my doors)

    We have a single shut off for our two water lines to the washer. I don't know why I find it so odd that Ryan isn't more 'across the board' with things. I was thinking about the sound issues and why they are different for different people. Your Ravenna and my Ravenna - they aren't the same. I have a soffet all the way down the wall of the living room and kitchen. I couldn't have crown molding over my kitchen cabinets by the sink, because the soffet is in the whole space above the cabinets. Your Ravenna is just wall - ceiling. I have the soffet in the basement, too. The whole length of the basement. How did they build yours without it, when mine 'has to have it'? I've also seen Ravenna where the master closet has soffet running right down the middle, making the back of the closet dark. Not there in my closet. Myabe in some houses it runs front to back and other houses side to side. How do they decide? Why doesn't the purchaser get to decide? Local codes?

    I'm so glad you caught that pipe issue before it became a problem! We had a big leak in the house the week before we were supposed to close because they had to change the bathtub snafu. Thank goodness it was before close and not after.

  2. Good job. Bolstering the joists is definitely going to happen on our end, and that drain pipe is going to be an area of concentration.

  3. Tammigirl they stopped the the soffet in the Ravenna 1st floor I think in January. Some area's maybe sooner but we don't have it, but the house that closed around the same time as you across from us has it too.

    My question- is it a tight fit to close the door to the laundry room with front loaders? I have GE Steam Washer & Dryer front loaders.

  4. The soffet's must have been there for a reason. I am guessing it was for the main HVAC pipe for the second floor. Now, if you have a soffet and 2nd floor ceiling vents, then my theory is shot to sh!t and I claim ignorance.

    As for the fit. It fits. I don't have a problem closing the door. That being said, there is not a ton of space in the laundry room, but the door closes.

  5. I confirmed with my PM that we wont have the soffit either, thats what allowing us to raise our cabinets an inch higher

  6. All vents on the second floor are in the ceiling regardless if you had the soffit or not. I was told it was a design feature that nothing really runs thru it.

  7. why the hell would anyone WANT the soffits as a "design feature"? And if so, I am surprised Ryan doesn't stick a price on it one way or another.