Saturday, December 3, 2011

Drywall is up!

So at 0830 this morning, nothing.  By 1830 or so, they were finishing up the garage.  The rest of the house was done.  I believe they will be mudding on Monday.
I stopped by at 1500 to check progress and get a few pics of my handy work.  I finished up in the dusk yesterday and didn't have enough light for pics.  I didn't stay to long as the crew was busy.  It looks chaotic, but I'm sure they had it under control.  I didn't get the pipes run for a deep sink in garage, but I will run those after we move in.
So although I like my PM a lot, I think he let me down on a couple extra garage outlets.  Unless the electrician will run one AFTER the drywall installation, it's not happening.  Lesson here, if you really want it, pay for it and get it on the plans.  Not a big deal though, I will run a plug from the basement after we move in.  
And for those that know of my paint color change request, the update is it was approved and my wife picked the color today at a model with the sale rep.  Again, very happy that I won't have to worry about painting for a long while.
That there is some high quality Pink Panther insulation.  It took 8 rolls of insulation, but I got every nook and cranny.  Down the road, I will blow some in the ceiling for the ultimate protection.

Looking at the blue pipe, this is 3/4" (ID) Flexible pipe I bought from Lowes.  It comes in 10' lengths and has really easy to use fittings!  It took me about 23' to run from attic to basement.  I plan to put in an attic antenna and run the cable through this and down to basement.  I even sealed all holes I made with Great Stuff foam sealant.

Using the same flexible pipe and a low voltage box, I put in this and another on the opposite wall.  My Bose speaker wire will run through this and back up the other side.  Again, sealed the hole.  

So who's ready for a new house?  

Just a quick pic from my "spot"


  1. looks great! We found 100' roll of smurf tube at our Home Depot. I think we still have some left, but ran it from the basement to the attic and also ran two drops from the attic into two bedrooms and then from the basement to the back family room wall in two places for speakers and in the front wall in 4 places - 2 for speaker, 1 for cable/cat-5, and 1 to bring the speaker wire down to the basement to run to the back wall and back up to the front wall.

  2. So you've pulled ahead of us again, because your guys worked Saturday, whereas mine sat on their asses.

  3. Every time I see progress on the house your family is building I get super-excited. I guess part of it is because you are getting the Ravenna, too. How difficult is it to put that insulation in the garage? What would I need besides the insulation itself? Fasteners of any type? Or does it kind of hold in on its' own?

  4. Tammi,
    it took 8 rolls of the faced pink panther (home depot $10 each). I bought a stapler as i packed mine, but returned it because it held fine in the wall cavity.

  5. Great idea about running the extra pipe, something I definitely need to do however I'm afraid that I'll go a bit nuts!