Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am so Stoned....hahahahaha

My pretty half stopped by today and got some shots of my kick ass fireplace.
yup, it rocks!  or maybe, just stones.

another Rock'n shot

Pretty sure somebody, some time, in some state of inebriation will bust their face on this.  But what a story it will be!  hahaha


  1. Wow. It certainly looks like you got stoned. Looks great!

  2. What a fantastic centerpiece for the room - hey I mean if your gonna buy a fireplace you should get a grand one! Its missing some stockings though!

  3. That fireplace is stunning! Which stone is it? You know, they sell edge covers for the hearth (we have them for the kids) but I suppose they could be used to prevent ER trips due to inebriation!