Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm like a needy girlfriend!

I am a worrier and when I see stuff, I need to be reassured that it's all good to go.
We have walked through the house a few times and had a number of questions we wanted our PM to acknowledge.  So we met with him this morning (at our request).  Paul's a great guy and had no problem meeting with us.  And really, with only like two weeks to go, this would be the last chance to meet during daylight hours to yap about the house and it's progress.
Our questions/issues today were:
1.  ummmm, you still hooking me up with that extra outlet in garage?  Answer-Yes
2.  There is a spot of drywall in the MB that seems "rough".  Answer-Will be taken care of "WBTCO"
3.  Recessed can light in Kitchen has a trim piece offset from ceiling that shows the cut out in drywall.  Answer-WBTCO
4.  Cabinet/drawer adjustments.  Answer - WBTCO
5.  Island trim missing.  Answer - ordered
6.  MB baseboard trim pulling away from wall, needs secured because gap is too large for caulk.  Answer - WBTCO
7.  There is a blue wire coming out of the front door jam.  One may think (and my PM did as well) that this would be for Home Security contacts.  Well we didn't get any package, so what is it?  Turns out it's the door bell wire that the door installer thought was for security.  So PM will pop trim, pull the wire out, patch the hole, and run to door bell button.  This is the perfect reason to bring anything up to your PM.  Ya never know, you just might save him a headache down the road.
8.  I have a spot on the railing that needs filling, sanding, and stained BEFORE they get poly'd.  Answer - WBTCO
9.  There is a low spot in the sub floor in the Family room.  This was from somebody getting too aggressive when sanding seams.  My question was, "will this be noticeable under the carpet?  Note: it's in a "high traffic" area.  Answer - I don't want to find out, so it will be filled with floor leveling filler before carpet.

We also discussed where the deck stairs will go.  I may get a "bonus" here.  Looks like the best way is to bump out a "landing" and run the stairs down next to the front or side of deck.  That's our preference and will be happy if it works out this way.
I also have a call into the concrete guy.  I may be able to work a side deal for a wider driveway.  Fingers crossed.
Which brings up the driveway.  We have conditioned ourselves to believe it will be spring before we get one.  But with the warmer weather so far and forecasted, it seems we will be getting a drive way poured this week!
According to PM Paul, we are getting appliances and carpet this week as well!

Our brick was finished yesterday.  We are very happy with our choice, even if we couldn't remember what it was until it was on the house! haha.
This was taken Friday.  There is a team of brick layers under that tarp.

Went back Monday and we got the whole front bricked

Another angle

A closer look.  


  1. Looks great. Glad your PM is awesome and hookin' you up!

  2. If I had a dollar for every WBTCO I have heard so far...

    But to his credit, each issue I have brought up to our PM, HBTCO(has been taken care of).

    I think they are conditioned to never act suprised at something that is brought to their attention, and its a stock answer.

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  4. I understood that I walked into the meeting with things that have not been scheduled to be fixed yet. So his only answer, and one that I expected was WBTCO. I did bring to his attention a few issues he didn't know, like the blue wire and sanded floor. These are things that would have continued to be issues had I not brought to his attention.
    He also knows that I refuse to sign my name at close until the house is finished with NO WBTCO issues. Ryan gets no money until we close, I don't close until Ryan finishes my home.

  5. The house looks great and your PM sounds like he aims to please and truly wants to deliver a quality home & experience. We plan to closely monitor the construction of our home and hope to have a PM with a WBTCO attitude. Keep us posted! Happy New Year!