Friday, December 16, 2011

Update and thoughts

What a crazy time to be building!
So we sold our house.  Closed about 2 weeks ago and have been "squatting" in a friend's basement.  I am very happy to say it's going as well as could be expected.  But it's still .... living in a basement.  My daughter came home for college and will be home until about a week before we move in.  Very happy she can enjoy part of this process with us.
It's almost Christmas and we haven't even started.  Between a lack of time, paying more at closing of the old house then expected, did I mention time?, blah blah blah.  you know how it goes. 

On to the new house.  So our current digs are 20 minutes North of our new house and not along the path from work to home.  With two nights of my son's wrestling practice, one night teaching a college class, that leaves two nights that I COULD swing by....if I wanted to drive 45 miles home.  My wife was able to swing by yesterday and sent me a small picture of the flooring.  Soooo jealous she got to see it.....before me!
So what I know is done is the Hardwood and the walls are painted.  My wife said the vinyl guy showed as she was leaving.  So I assume we have vinyl flooring as well.  Not sure what's planned next or when. 

Thoughts I have pondered.
I have tried to consider various things I will want to do later, or things I may want but won't realize until I'm in.  Here is an incomplete list of some things I have considered that I SHOULD have done but either didn't realize it or didn't have to time to complete.
-Basement windows.  I'm not talking about big egress windows.  Just the little rectangular ones that allow light in.  My Ravenna has ONE.  The walkout and ONE little window give some light, but there are dark parts of the basement that I wished we had some more little windows.  I may never finish the basement, but it would be nice to have more natural light down there.  I wished I had considered that and added a few more.
-Nail Plates (not sure what you call them).  Chances are if you saw the kitchen BEFORE drywall, you may have noticed they put up chunks of 2x8(or 10 or 12) between the studs for the cabinet installers to put screws to without having to worry about finding a stud.  Great idea.  Why didn't I do that in the family room, or bedrooms?  I don't have a solid plan on how I will hang all my TV's.  If I decide to hang on the wall, I will wish I put up some wood between the studs for installation ease.

There are some others that I can easily do later.  I planned to run plumbing off the half bath into the garage for a deep sink.  Didn't happen, ran out of time.  BUT, I will be able to do it after move in because I will have full access to the pipes in the basement. 

That will be call, carry on.

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  1. I look forward to seeing your floors. I swear, it makes such a difference once those are installed.

    Sorry you are living in a basement right now. Remember, good things come to those who wait. I have to tell myself that every cotton pickin' day because I am about to lose my freakin' mind in this one bedroom crap-artment!! lol

    My PM took down a lot of unnecessary "nail plates" in my kitchen because he said that it prevents you from getting as much insulation. With the pieces of wood in between the studs, you can't insulate properly. I hope that makes you feel better about not having done that. ;)