Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pre-Drywall and general update

So no pictures today.  The only difference then what I have posted already is electric and plumbing has been done.
Pre-Drywall meeting was this morning.  It took us about 1:45 hrs and that included walking around the brand new Ravenna (closing tomorrow) across the street.  It was nice to get a feel of what we will be getting.  For example, they have the same hardwood floor and stone fireplace that we have optioned.  They also got the paint color updated to a "beige/brown" color.  What a huge difference!  So I have made my first request for a change order.  My sales rep is calling management and seeing about getting our paint choice updated from plain white.  For the record, I was aware you could update to a color at the option stage of this, but I was to the understanding it was a slight off white color.  The color options now are very nice.  Fingers crossed.
So Drywall starts going up Saturday.  Insulators are at the house now insulating walls.  If all works out, they will (on the side) insulate my garage cold walls.  If not, I will be doing it tomorrow.
I also have to put some low voltage boxes in the family room to run speaker wire later.  And the pvc pipe from attic to basement.  Lots to do before Saturday!  no time no time no time.  ugh!

If time wasn't crunched already, I have promised my oldest boy I would deliver a pull out couch to him (in Michigan) this Friday night/Saturday morning.
We have to be out of our current house by end of day Sunday for our Monday closing.

whew....I'm already tired


  1. Wow - you make me tired just reading all of that. Good luck!

  2. Your house is chugging right along! We're following you now - we have a big hole in the ground and footers!

  3. So no luck on the insulation. So I will be doing that tomorrow. I had to take the day off to accomplish some of this mayhem.
    Also, I got the paint change approved! excitement level raised up hearing that!

  4. Dang, I wish I had known that we could get an actual color on our walls. We have off-white walls. I will be painting shortly after moving in because the lack of color depresses me, lol.

    Hope your closing on Monday goes smoothly. :)

  5. It sounds like we are one day ahead of you. Our drywall and siding started going in yesterday (Friday).

  6. RH is letting you install stuff (garage insulation, low voltage box) while the home is being built?

  7. I suppose the official answer is "they don't know". Truth is the PM was bs'n with me while I did the insulation. That's pretty common. The low voltage boxes and pipe was more of a "I don't see anything" kind of thing for the PM. I think as long as you don't screw up code, safety, or inspections, you are good to go. BUT, I am sure a lot of what you can do is based on your PM. My PM rocks.