Thursday, December 29, 2011

Let there be LIGHT!

So Shell and I made an unplanned stop at the house last night.  First thing I saw was a light ON inside the house!  This was the first time we could walk through without a flashlight in hand! 
Shot of the front door with living room on left.

We don't remember seeing the top of stairs split before.  This is a picture I plan to send to PM this morning.

With nothing (but dirt) covering the floor, we can start seeing "the whole picture".  The garage, office, and half crapper is on the left (you can see half crapper sink).  Morning room on right.  Just out of view is stairs going up.  I'm a big fan of the centrally located stairs.

Shell's dining room with the upgraded Hardwood floor.  AND that ghastly, ugly chandelier.  That will be replaced.  Anyone that wants to go to Restoration Hardware and buy me the Machinist Pendant lights on sale for $140 is welcome too!


  1. Your floors look beautiful!!!! I would make your PM have them covered until everything is finished to protect them.

  2. Your pm must hate seeing you. Keep up the good work!

  3. 2nlehigh, they were covered for a long while and just recently lost the "cover". I am not too worried about it, I figure if it gets screwed up, they will fix it.
    Lt, you would think! Fact is we get along great so it's not a problem. When we see each other, we spend half the time just BS'n in general.

  4. This is my second build with ryan and one thing I can tell you is you don't want them repairing hard wood after the fact. We had to have ours replaced the first time and it was a nightmare. Also they only will fix the area that needs repaired which is worse. Hardwood like these scratch and dent very very easy.