Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm totally FLOORED

So today was a great day.  Temps got up to 60 degrees, the sun was out, and the guys were out framing my house!
This was what we saw at about 0930 Sat.  The floor is down and they are working on getting walls up.  When they left Friday evening, all they had done was the "base plates" on the foundation.  

This is a zoomed in shot of what we see when we stalk the build from a street over.  Somebody bought this lot and turned it into a huge side yard.   So no house will be built here.  That's going to make peeing off the deck WAY more private!

You can get a feel for the difference in "altitude" from my house to my neighbor.  I will be able to stand on my porch and see if they need to clean out the gutters.

By 1200, They were done for the day.  In the few hours they were there, they got the entire first floor done.  I was hoping/thinking they would be working a full day, but it seems not.  No biggie.  Forecast calls for rain Monday and Tuesday, so we will see what happens.

We met another neighbor across street.  It is pretty cool building in the sense that everyone is welcoming,  almost like you are joining a "club".  

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  1. You have a great lot! Your house is looking good. :)