Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sealing it up

So I have done a fair amount of research and found some websites that show where a homeowner can walk around the house and fill gaps to create an "air tight" envelope.
Items like:
running caulk along wood and foundation
window safe foam around all windows and exterior doors
expanding foam around pipes going through header plates (from wall interiors to attic)
foam pads behind outlet covers
....and some others I can't think of off the top of my head.
Has anybody that has built or is building now considered/looked/verified this type of "sealing" when the house went up?
I think I will buy a case of window safe expanding foam and seal all around the windows and doors, caulk wood/foundation joint, foam the pipes, etc....

My goal is to take Ryan's "minimum code" and energy star requirements (again it's likely minimum-what ever need to qualify) and bolster it.  I figure it can't hurt, will only help, cheaper bills, etc....

Your thoughts, insight, recommendations, etc...?


  1. Hey Sgt. You might want to talk with your project manager/sales rep about the Energy Star requirements. I'm not sure your sealer is going to be necessary. The Energy Star people do an on-site certification that includes some sort of blow test (my term, not theirs!) to make sure nothing is getting out.

    My house has an extraordinary amount of expanding foam around, and while i haven't popped open any switch plates yet, I'll bet they are insulated.

    I'm going to look up my electric bills and post my usage next time i get one. So far, the electric bill has been only marginally higher than the one for my townhome.

    So anyway, ask some questions and look up Energy Star 2.5 certification. I think this might mitigate your desire to buy cases of insulation. :)

  2. Thanks RR, It would be great if what I want to do is already done. I will have to yap with the PM (like you said) and find out what is and is not done.

  3. So far, they have caulked and glued most joints. They will spray foam between the foundation wall and the wood. They have someone come in that's only job is to fill gaps. We have already noted a few spots they missed, so we hope they notice them too. They will put in regular insulation around the windows and we will either pull it out or add spray foam on top. But just standing next to the windows with nothing around them at the moment, we felt no wind coming through even thought it was a super windy day.

  4. thanks Gina! That info is huge.
    If they do mine the same (which I will ask my PM) then I'm good to go.