Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So of course I went to the lot today.   A neighbor walking their dog stopped and we yapped for a long while.  Then our neighbor next door came by and we found ourselves on her deck yapping.  So far, we have great neighbors!
This is what I saw as I pulled up.  The big pumper truck was in the process of cleaning up.  Workers were finishing up troweling the concrete.  I was pretty sure I would see the forms up, but the concrete was an awesome surprise!

My boy was interested in the big concrete pumper.  So after explaining how it worked, he sat and watched while I got another great photo I may add to the "I'm gonna print this" collection

Based on the plans, we expected to see the walk out on the (as you see in the pic) left wall.  Instead, it's now under the morning room.  Best I figure it, PM made a command call due to grading, etc...  My wife and i are actually very cool with the move.  I'm thinking I can install something under the deck to slope the rain runoff (from the deck) giving me a "covered" patio off the walk out.  


  1. Yay for walls! That location for the basement door is the standard location for our model. We chose to have it under the morning room back windows instead of under the morning room door. Hubby would have preferred it where yours is. But he let me have my way - at least on this one.

  2. Ours is a walkout too. Your idea of building the 'covered' patio under the deck is really cool. We might steal that one. we also have our basement door under the morning room back windows like Gina.

    And that one is totally "I'm gonna print this" kinda snap !!!

    Congrats on the basement walls.

  3. Walls look great and the shots of the kids on the lot are really cool.