Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just a thought

So I have spent a fair amount of time perusing Ryan home building blogs.  And I can safely say that most stop blogging once they have moved in.  I would like to see people continue blogging once they have moved in.  What have you done? 
Colors painted? 
Tile Backsplash maybe? 
What about storage, are you building shelves?  did you come up with a cool idea or place to utilize space? 
What about the house itself?  Have you had problems with .... quality of something?  Do your toilets clog alot?
(I ask about that because a friend of mine who built has a drain snake residing in the bathroom.  Either his kids drop bombs or his toilets suck!)

I guess what I am getting at is that the actual building of the house is only half (in my mind), once you move in and make it "yours", what have you done?

just a thought


  1. totally agree Sgt.Rich.. Disappointed more people don't keep up, but I"m sure it gets hectic. I do have all those questions though.

  2. I agree! Hopefully the hubby can find where he packed the mouse so I can actually upload pics an stuff! Only problems weve had so far is one GFI keeps tripping for no reason and some weather stripping on a window is coming undone. I LOVE my house! And the toilets work great! Lol

  3. HA! I had every intention of continuing to blog several times a week, but when we moved in, all bets were off! So many things happened in such a short period of time it was impossible to keep up. Plus, I've made EMBARRASSINGLY little progress on unpacking. My front rooms look like the donation room of the Goodwill. I promise you though, that when big things happen, I will keep you all posted. as long as you keep reading.

  4. I hope to keep blogging after moving. I know I would find it helpful from others, so I will provide to others what I would hope to see.

  5. I know I had the intention to blog more after move in...but you get very busy turning it into a home and nothing seems quite as exciting as seeing the house get built!

  6. Also, I'm happy to see someone from Cincy join the Ryan blog family. My family is there still but we're in Akron now.

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  8. I totally get the busyness of moving in and making it a home.
    Things I plan to do:
    -add trim to various rooms in different ways.
    -tile backsplash
    -garage shelving as seen here:

    -a workbench for the basement. I may not have room in garage with two cars and a harley

    So that's my plan, and since I have been accused of not shutting up, I will likely yap about it on here.

  9. I don't have a blog, but DH and I built a Florence with RH. Overall, we are happy with it! Our biggest complaint is in the Familyroom. When your sitting on the sofa and someone walks by, you can feel movement!! We told them at our 10 month inspection and there isn't anything they can do, everything is to code!! :( Something to do with the span of the floor joists. This really bothers DH and I and he is going to try to do something about it. Luckily, our basement isn't finished!

    If we knew how cold the garage would be, we would have snuck in while they were building and put insulation in the garage! DH just added some last weekend. We are in OH and RH doesn't insulate the whole garage, just the inside walls!! COME ON!!

    We put a patio out back and had a shed built. No landscaping year!