Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keeping up the GRADE

So, as expected per my PM, the front grading has been done.  Today I should have a basement slab and tomorrow should bring the first day of framing.  

What a difference it makes to see the front graded!  My PM has done a great job of keeping the front level.  I am still interested in how he will grade the right side of the house.  There is a pretty good change in levels there.  You can get an idea from the first picture.  It doesn't look to bad in this pic, but standing there feels different. 

The wooden post holding the "sold" sign is 36" from top edge of concrete to ground.  I'm still thinking Ryan will have to add a railing to my front porch.
Ryan standing both at the front edge of the drive way AND at the garage "door"

Look at my last post, this is a "after" shot of the grading

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