Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It looks like a house now

So the crappy thing about building a house this time of year is that by the time I get out to the site after work, it's damn near dark.  Luckily my wife got out there with enough time to snap a couple.
It looks like a house now!  It looks like we will get rain for a good part of today with sun the rest of the week so I hope to see some more progress by Saturday.
This pic shows the best.  I was able to lighten a bit in Photoshop without getting too grainy.  We are VERY happy we went with the two extra windows in the Master (seen on side towards back in this shot).  We forgot what the peak would look like with the porch elevation.  We are very happy with the one large peak.  My wife is already figuring out where she will have me hang xmas lights next year. 


  1. LOL Your wife sounds a lot like me! When looking at houses and models, I always tried to envision where the tree and Christmas decorations would go. I mean, come on. The house has to be right for EVERYTHING! lol